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Strategic Crisis Support


Have you just learned that a part you manufacture is failing, your firm’s accounting clerk has been embezzling, your political opponent intends to go public with damaging information, your Executive Vice President has been accused of sexual harassment? 


The list of potential crises is endless.  Every crisis is different and requires a nuanced and disciplined approach to minimizing its damage. 

That's where we come in.

C-Suite Strategic is a full service crisis management firm available 24/7. The initial consultation is free, confidential, and only a phone call away.

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Our Team

C-Suite Strategic, formed in 2012, consists of executive-level professionals with backgrounds in strategic communications, government affairs, corporate restructuring, private investigations, journalism, marketing, branding and public relations. 


Together we form a team capable of assisting you with crisis preparation, crisis management, reputation restoration, and post-crisis stabilization.

We provide services at every phase along the crisis continuum.  From preparation and planning, to crisis management, to post-crisis rehabilitation, we are your partner every step of the way.

Crisis Preparation


The question is not if, but rather when. Organizational crisis is inevitable. 


In some cases, crisis can be predicted (patients will die in a hospital and loved ones will claim malpractice; manufacturers will be blamed for faulty parts; tense union negotiations will lead to disruptive strikes). 


Other crises are less predictable (a disgruntled employee takes to the dark web to circulate rumors about the CEO; a soccer mom embezzles from the club’s bank account; lightning strikes a chemical plant leading to an uncontrollable release). 


C-Suite Strategic’s consultants can assess your level of vulnerability and assist with creating an action plan for addressing a crisis.

Crisis Management 


Most organizations are caught off guard when a crisis strikes. Depending on the nature of the crisis, it is not uncommon for a department head to deny it, ignore it, or simply wish it away.  Others around the department leader are powerless to address the matter until it has been acknowledged or the situation has become explosive, a lapse of time that turns a bad situation into something worse. Chaos ensues, decisions need to be made but information is limited, and the media may be hovering outside the door. 


C-Suite Strategic’s consultants have years of experience managing crisis. The sooner we’re called to assist, the more we can do to minimize the damage and relieve the pressure. Strategic communication is critical, as is coordinating efforts with your legal counsel. 

Post-Crisis Support


Once the fire has been put out, there is often much to be done.  


Beyond a natural disaster, it is often the case that systemic flaws contributed to the crisis. Had books been routinely audited, it’s likely the accountant’s embezzlement would have been caught sooner; had employee morale been monitored, costly turnover could have been reduced; had staff been better trained, the chemical release could have been avoided. Because of the crisis, the organization’s integrity and reputation have likely taken a hit. 


Rebuilding trust that once existed among customers or constituents can take time and must be done with great care.


There is no such thing as “business as usual” after a crisis. 


Our consultants and partners are expert at post-crisis clean up. Whether an organization needs to be restructured or a reputation restored, C-Suite has the team and experience to get the job done. 

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us today.

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